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He is president and chief historian for the Lexington History Museum Inc. Fort Boonesborough served as one of the most important American strongholds throughout the Revolutionary War. They are writer and photographer behind the food blog A Couple Cooks and have a worldwide following. From horses to tobacco to bourbon, the barn is at the heart of Kentucky's heritage and industry and is a staple of the Bluegrass landscape. From elegant Thoroughbred farms to historical treasures like the stone barn of Runnymede Farm in Bourbon County, Peachee travels across the state to capture and preserve the diverse architecture, heritage, and design that make these structures special.

Carol Peachee is an award-winning fine art photographer of numerous publications.

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Truth Worth Telling introduces us to unforgettable people who discovered the meaning of their lives in the historic events of our times. For readers who believe that values matter and that truth is worth telling. Scott Pelley has been a reporter and photographer more than 45 years. His work has been recognized with numerous honors, including 37 Emmy Awards. He has been married to the love of his life for 35 years.

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They have 2 children. Pelley's visit is sponsored by Campbellsville University. The inside story of how serial predator Larry Nassar got away with abusing hundreds of gymnasts for decades and how a team of brave women banded together to bring him down. Pesta is an award-winning journalist. In this book, Tammy Horn Potter weaves botany, biology, biogeography and practical advice gained from planting pollinator habitat on large scale areas in Appalachia.

Filled with color pictures, maps, more, Horn Potter shares a future for pollinators in which everyone can participate. Horn Potter became a beekeeper in Raitz is professor emeritus of the Department of Geography at the University of Kentucky. His research focuses on the geographical history of the American landscape. Politicians, ecologists, and government wildlife officials are fighting a desperate rearguard action to halt the onward reach of Asian Carp.

Overrun takes us on a firsthand journey into the heart of a crisis. Andrew Reeves is an award-winning environmental journalist. He received a master of fine arts in creative nonfiction from the University of King's College in He lives in Toronto, Ontario with his wife and daughter. Reigler and Veach are pleased to share this tasting logbook for American whiskeys, featuring nearly brands. Award-winning writer Susan Reigler was born in Louisville.

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She has been a restaurant critic, beverage columnist, and travel writer and is a judge for the James Beard Foundation Restaurant Awards. Michael Veach is one of the foremost authorities on all things Bourbon, and has spent over 15 years with The Filson Historical Society. Cynthia W. She is currently a professor of social studies education at Eastern Kentucky University. Linda Ruffenach is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and the founder of Whisky Chicks. Ruffenach takes pride in creating experiences that make learning about Kentucky bourbon approachable, fun, and informative.

Her sense of community and commitment to paying it forward drive her to empower others to bring out their inner badass. There is no right or wrong way to drink bourbon— in a cocktail, straight up, on the rocks, or with a splash of soda. You will never know which is your way until you try them all, and How to Be a Bourbon Badass will guide you on the path of your own bourbon adventure.

One of the simplest concepts in human understanding has suddenly become one of the most important, most challenging, and most fluid.

This book contains many selections from a family recipe book dating from the early s. All recipes were carefully chosen bourbon dishes that have been perfected through the years and are guaranteed to become your family and your guest's favorite dishes. Dayna Seelig is a retired professor of 27 years from Morehead State University. She lives in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky with her husband Mike. This book traces the life and times of Justify, who became the 13th Triple Crown winner in Thoroughbred history with his thrilling race through the series in Shulman has been the Features Editor of Bloodhorse magazine in Lexington for 20 years.

He is an Emmy Award-winning TV writer and the author of four books. He lives in Nonesuch, Kentucky. Blue ridge tacos, kimchi with soup beans and cornbread, African American mountain gardens—this anthology considers all these and more. Her work has appeared in the New York Times and elsewhere. She is the author of multiple books. A conversational, revealing, and humorous peek into becoming a breast cancer survivor, this book is for those who have wondered, "Am I the only one?

Diagnosed with breast cancer in , Amy Luscher Smith is a survivor, author, speaker, and encourager of others. She has two published works. Chef Belinda Smith-Sullivan, granddaughter of Mississippi sharecroppers, is the go-to resource for everything peaches.


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She is a chef, food writer, spice blends entrepreneur, and a commercially-rated pilot. She lives in Trenton, SC. Linda Solomon met Aretha Franklin in when she was just beginning her career as a photojournalist. Franklin's brother and business manager arranged for Solomon to capture the singer's major career events while Franklin requested that Solomon document everything else. And she did just that. Solomon is an award-winning photojournalist and author known for her natural light portraits of celebrities and her nonprofit foundation Pictures of Hope.

She is a member of the Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame. During the Civil War, women on both sides of the border shared recipes through national magazines, and so northern, southern, and immigrant cultures mixed together in kitchens throughout the country. Including many recipes that can be used today, this book highlights how frugal cooks substituted for wartime shortages and brought their values to the table. Thirteen of these women share life-changing journeys that enabled them to believe in themselves, their values and abilities, and to display courage to succeed.

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Jane B. Tells the stories of hundreds of thousands of enslaved men, women, and children who fled plantations and sought protection behind the lines of the Union Army during the American Civil War.

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It follows the journeys of individuals as they moved in and out of newly established refugee camps, taking enormous risks to find freedom. Amy Murrell Taylor is a professor of history at the University of Kentucky. In the final years of his life, former Kentucky Poet Laureate James Baker Hall wrote a memoir focused on his search for the memory of his mother, who died by suicide when Hall was eight years old.

The book also features selections of Hall's visual art. This book presents a series of essays relating how German immigrants shaped the industry and culture of Louisville. Bob is an emeritus professor of civil engineering at the University of Louisville, and Vicky is a retired medical technologist.

Believing in the social significance of food, this book offers a unique journey through the history of the commonwealth.

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Van Willigen is professor emeritus of anthropology at the University of Kentucky and the author of many books. Jeannie Vanasco examines and dismantles long-held myths of victimhood, discovering grace and power in this genre-bending investigation into the trauma of sexual violence. Vanasco is the author of the memoir The Glass Eye. She lives in Baltimore and is an assistant professor at Towson University.

Barbara is a graduate of Stephens College and the University of Kentucky. Southern Accents explores the ways in which Tom Petty's record of the same name was an artistic failure that mired him in debates about American culture and history. Robert D. Blends stunning illustrations, fascinating biographical profiles, and exclusive interviews with icons like Barbra Streisand and Sigourney Weaver to celebrate the accomplishments of 50 extraordinary women throughout the history of entertainment. Each profile highlights the groundbreaking accomplishments and essential work of pioneers from the big and small screens, offering little-known facts about household names and crucial introductions to overlooked pioneers.

Elizabeth Weitzman is a film critic, journalist, and the author of more than two dozen books for children and young adults.

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